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..: TH :.. Natsumi Mochizuki --App-- by PunYun-Chan ..: TH :.. Natsumi Mochizuki --App-- by PunYun-Chan
:icontachikawa-high: :icontachikawa-high: :icontachikawa-high:

I RP with : ✔ Comments ✔ Notes ✔ Chat

✽ [ n a m e ] : Mochizuki, Natsumi 

✽ [ n i c k n a m e s  ] : Natsu-chan , Blue-haired chick , Astu-kun 

✽ [ g e n d e r ] : female

✽ [ s e x u a l i t y ] : hetero-sexual 

✽ [ a g e ] : 16 years old 

✽ [ g r a d e ] : 2nd 

✽ [ d o r m ] : Sakuramachi

✽ [ c l u b ] : Music 

✽  [ p e r s o n a l i t y ] : Natsumi is bossy , sorta stuck up person. Sometimes she can come off as over confident and kind of snobby. She often complains about stupid things and when she starts complaining , she never really stops, and it keeps on going on and on. Natsumi loves being in charge of other things and people , just so she can boss them around and tell them what to do. She's also very social with other people. She likes meeting new people , although sometimes she'll judge you by your appearance. Even though Natsumi can be...sort of a brat , she has a pretty good side too. If you're on her good side , she's really nice and generous , she's somewhat good at comforting people when they're in a bad mood and cheering people up. Natsumi is also very very over dramatic. She'll take simple things , like ...people ditching her and make it into some huge problem or something really stupid , though most of the time , she'll just forget about it the second she finishes whining about it. Natsumi is also very stubborn and doesn't like when things don't go her way. When something doesn't turn out like how she wants it , she'll throw hissy fits and small tantrums and sorta get frustrated at people. Pretty much  , she's just some over dramatic brat.

✽ [ b i o ] : Natsumi was born into a wealthy sort of family. Her father ran a big music industry and her mother worked at a fashion model. Natsumi's mother wanted Natsumi to be the "perfect" kin dof daughter. Her mother would often "control" her life , and make her decisions and choose things for Natsumi , not really letting her daughter have the chance to choose what she wanted. Because of that , Natsumi and her mother are not on really good terms with each other. She's not a huge fan of her mother and likes to make fun of her , and sorta talk behind her back about her with her friends. However, the relationship between Natsumi and her father is completely different. Natsumi absolutely adores her father, and sees him as a huge inspiration. He's much nicer to her and doesn't control her like her mother does. Natsumi admires him for that. Her father got her interested in playing the violin at a young age , and since that day, she's always been practicing, wanting to make her father proud. As a kid , Natsumi didn't really get to spend alot of time with her parents due to their jobs, and because they were barely ever home, her parents tried to spend as much time as they could with her, sometimes both her parents would make arrangements to have days off on special occasions like her birthday, or just if they wanted to be with each other but otherwise , Natsumi got babysat by her next door neighbor , who would just usually take her out to the playground so she could socialize with other children and make some friends. One day , while Natsumi was out on the playground , pretending to be a princess , she met a boy named Ichirou. She acted like she was better than him , and started bossing him around. They actually started becoming really good friends. Natsumi would hang out with him alot , and once they found out they didn't live that far away , Ichirou started coming over to her house and they would hang out with each other. They'd always talk about their hobbies and their futures and dreams. Natsumi told him that she would be a famous violinist, and that he would be her secret undercover protective bodyguard who would protect her from her stalkers and paparazzi. Ichirou became Natsumi's best friend , and they're really close with each other.

During Elementary School , Natsumi still acted like her bratty self. Sometimes she'd get in trouble for back talking her teachers or making fun of the other students, and her mother got very frustrated at her for that saying that she wasn't really being a good role model, but Natsumi didn't really care :iconmingplz: she continued to practice her violin and nothing much really changed, until her father decided that he wanted to expand his company out more. And because he wanted to do that, they decided to move to a different city. Natsumi was really bummed out about that, and the fact that she wouldn't be seeing much of Ichirou anymore. They moved out to a small city , it was sort of like a small little country side. and Natsumi didn't like it at all.  Being the stubborn person she was , she'd lock herself in her room for hours on end , refusing to go outside and meet new people in her community. She also refused to go to the small school that was nearby and preferred that she be home-schooled instead. So her parents hired a tutor for her and while they attended their jobs Natsumi would stay at home. After she would finish her assignments and paperwork for school , she'd lock herself up in her room again , and watch T.V and practice her violin and read lots and lots of fashion magazines. While reading fashion magazines , she started becoming more of a ... "fashionista" and started wearing more "flashy" and "unique" outfits.  Heck , she even got her ears pierced. She started wearing a bit or makeup here and there as well. After a while , Natsumi got sick and tired of where they were and would complain and complain to her parents on how she hated where they were living and how she liked where they were before. Her parents got sick of her complaining and decided to move back. Natsumi was absolutely delighted and looked forward to going back to where they used to be. However , on the drive back home , their car got into a huge accident. Natsumi had been leaning her head against the car window, and was getting ready to fall asleep. When their car came to the stop light intersection thing , it was green for them , so her father continued driving. There was a car on the opposite side of the intersection , and they had run a red light and hit their car. The car toppled over on the side Natsumi was on , and the glass from the window had injured her left eye. Her family was rushed to the hospital immeadiately. Natsumi recived surgery on her eye , and her eye was removed. Her parents broke a few bones and here and there and got a few bumps and bruises. Natsumi was embarressed by the fact that she would have to wear an eyepatch over her eye , and thought that she would be ridiculed by other girls and made fun of. So , she told her parents that she still wanted to be homeschooled and wanted to avoid going to highschool.

On they're way back home , Natsumi also found out that Ichirou had moved and that had just made matters worse. Natsumi sorta kinda became depressed after that. Her parents both tried to cheer her up and make her happy, because that's all they really truly wanted. They would take her shopping every now and then, and that would cheer her up, but right after that, she still would sorta be somewhat depressed. During summer , her mother decided to try to enroll Natsumi into Tachikawa High. Natsumi hated her mother for doing that and got very annoyed with her , and said she'd rather stay home. They argued for a while and Natsumi gave in and said she's attend the school  for a bit. Ichirou had moved back to the city where Natsumi was living in , and she also figured out that they'd be going to the same highschool. This made her extremely delighted and motivated her more to attend the school , knowing that she's at least know one person at the school and wouldn't end up being a total loner the first day she went there. She got involved in the music club , and practiced her violin daily. Natsumi started to enjoy going to the school more and more everyday. <3

✽  [ l i k e s ] : 
- Her favorite animals are Turtles
- Her favorite food is Strawberries or anything strawberry related
- She likes fast music
- She likes rollerskating
- She likes rainy days
- Sometimes she likes being alone :iconmingplz:
- Flashy clothing and designer brands
- Making fun of people
- Texting // shot :iconneveraloneplz:

✽ [ d i s l i k e s ] :
- Bees and wasps
- Swimming
- Snowy days
-  Her mom :icongnimplz:
- People who think they are better than her :iconmingplz:
- Being bossed around ( she likes to do the bossing :icongnimplz: )
- She's not a huge fan of sea food ...

✽[ a d d i t i o n a l . i n f o ] :
- Has an addiction to turtles and strawberries
- Only child
- Her best friend is Ichirou :iconmhmmmplz:<33
- She's a shopaholic , like I swear I bet she could spend a million dollars in an hour :iconmingtearsplz:
- On each ear , she has a total of 4 piercings.
- She sorta has a phobia of cars

✽ [ v o i c e ] : Akeno Watanabe : voice actress of Gou Matsuoka from Free!…  &…

✽  [ r e l a t i o n s h i p s ] :
[TH: Ichirou Kazehiko by Kuuru-kun] Kazehiko , Ichirou : her kuuru childhood bestie <3

TBA <3

Feel free to RP with me anytime~!<3 :iconmomohappyplz:
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PunYun-Chan Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Natsuki Shinomiya (Super hug) [V1]   *epic glomps* Komari hugs Rin [V5] your welcome!!

Mineko:....*stares and holds up eggplant while looking at the ground*.... Eggplant? 
PunYun-Chan Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Akakita Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
asjfbasdvbfaKomari hugs Rin [V5] <3 
Mineko:........*goes in bag and takes out strawberry poptart and holds it up again* .....? 
PunYun-Chan Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Natsumi : :iconyuiyumplz: alrighty there we go~! *grabs the poptart and starts eating it* many strawberry poptarts do you have in there ? :icongo-on-smile-plz:
Akakita Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Big Simfool Emoji-11 (Grin) [V2] 
Mineko: *slowly smirks and pulls out the whole box*..... my breakfast :3 
PunYun-Chan Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Natsumi : ....:iconzoominplz:.....t-that's a...a very nice breakfast you got there :iconhappy-smileplz: // I wish I had a breakfast like that everyday :iconokayguyplz://
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