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..: Mekaku City :.. Miho Hanabusa --App-- by PunYun-Chan ..: Mekaku City :.. Miho Hanabusa --App-- by PunYun-Chan
OC for :iconmekaku-city: :iconmekaku-city: :iconmekaku-city: <3

I RP with : ✔ comments ✔ notes  ✔ chat [ if one is made soon <3 ]

** Updated 11/15/14 : Changed her appearance :iconjunesplz:

➨ N A M E :: Miho Hanabusa [萼, 美保]

➨ A G E ::  17 years old 

➨ B I R T H D A Y ::  March 10th

➨ H E I G H T ::  5' 5"

➨ W E I G H T :: 108 lbs

➨ S E X U A L P R E F :: Hachi and Karie sexual :iconlaze2plz: //slapped A-sexual 

➨ E Y E P O W E R ::  Drawing Eyes

➨ P E R S O N A L I T Y :: Miho is an energetic, out-going kind of person. She never really shuts-up and doesn't really have a thing for listening to others. She never really takes anything seriously and likes to make a joke about everything, even if it's something serious. Miho is also kind of blunt and straight forward kind of person. She'll tell you want she thinks without even thinking about how the outcome will end up. Because she's a blunt kind of person she can come off as kind of mean, because she says what she thinks about people and doesn't really care if she offends them or not [ just like me :iconspacetiredplz: ] She's a very social person and someone who is really easy to talk to. <3

➨ B I O ::  Miho grew up with four younger siblings in a semi-wealthy kind of family. Because she was the oldest of the siblings she didn't receive as much attention as her younger siblings. She often said she didn't care, not wanting to come off as jealous, because that would be stupid, at least that's what she thought. But she always had a feeling deep down that she was being neglected and not noticed by her parents which made her sort of sad, but she hid that feeling so it would never show. As she got older she started making more friends and would hang out with them instead of hanging out with her family. One of her really good friends was Koji, her next door neighbor. She first met him when his family had moved in next to him and had decided to go over and try to become friends with him. They would hang out with each other and she'd joke around with him, although he never really understood most of her jokes. She'd usually come by his house so they could both play video games together. Koji was always usually there for Miho, and because he was a quiet kind of person, she could easily rant about her problems and he would be there to listen to her. It made her happy to have someone that would listen to her. She also tried a couple of times to take him shopping when they were bored, since she believed that Koji didn't have any fashion sense at all, and she wanted him to look fabulous. As time went by, her parents started working more, and staying late and working extra shifts in order to earn more money for their family. Miho knew that her parents had thought this was for the best, but she didn't really like it, especially because of the fact that they would barely spend any time with their children because of their work. One day while she was home alone and with her four siblings, a group of robbers had broke into their house and tried to steal their valuables and money. Miho had thought that if she could get her siblings out of the house before her, her parents would be grateful for her efforts and they'd notice her more. So she tried to get them all out before the robbers had noticed. However this had failed and before she could even get one of her younger siblings out of the house,Miho had been shot in the head along with her four younger siblings. Miho had just wished that she could have saved her younger siblings so her parents would appreciate her more even if she had died, and because of that wish she had received the Drawing Eyes, which would draw more attention towards her. Now because she was a single child, in which she didn't really want to be because she missed her younger siblings, her parents only paid attention to her all the time and spoiled her. She got sick and tired of it all, and being noticed all the time and decided to leave her parent's house and live in an apartment a long distance away from them. In the area around the apartment building she had met the Mekakushi Dan and decided to join them in order to control her eye power because it was becoming a hassle and a pain in the butt to control. 

➨ L I K E S ::
♥  Graphic T-shirts with inspirational quotes and pictures and all that cool shiet
♥  Beanies
♥  Wearing pajamas all day
♥  Facebook and blogging on the interwebs
♥  J-Pop
♥  Her favorite color is sky blue
♥  Acoustic guitars, and guitars in general
♥  Harajuku fashion
♥  Silly-bands [ those weird shaped bracelet things, we've all worn them at least once ]
♥  Her favorite animals are polar bears 

➨ D I S L I K E S ::
✖ People who can't take a joke, or people who take things too seriously
✖ Being told things she already knows [ like when people tell her she's immature, she already knows that ]
✖ Classical music
✖ The color yellow
✖ Ferris Wheels and Roller Coasters [ she has a fear of heights ] 
✖ Writing
✖ People who try too hard [ like people when you say something like " I went shopping " and then they go and say they went shopping too just so they can have something in common with you  because they are trying too hard to be your friend when you know that they didn't even go shopping and you're just like "dude... no " :iconspacetiredplz: ]
✖ Being bossed around
✖ Being made fun of
✖ Flirty people 

➨ M I S C :: 
● Plays the guitar
● Can't dance to save her life
● Sucks at skill and brain games
● Has a habit of talking really fast when she's excited or smth
●  Is great at parkour or whatever
●  Voice actress : Kitamura Eri… [ voice starts at 1:17 ] 

➨ R E L A T I O N S H I P S ::
tba <33

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