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..: MKC :.. Akihiko --App-- by PunYun-Chan ..: MKC :.. Akihiko --App-- by PunYun-Chan
Second OC for :iconmekaku-city: :iconmekaku-city: :iconmekaku-city: also note that second Ocs are for ADMINS ONLY <3

 [ I RP with : ✔ comments ✔notes ✔chat

✪ [ n a m e : Akihiko Okamura

✪ [ a g e : 15 years old 

✪ [ b i r t h d a y : August 17th

✪ [ h e i g h t : 5' 5"

✪ [ w e i g h t : 106 lbs 

✪ [ s e x u a l . p r e f : Asexual 

✪ [ e y e .  p o w e r : Contacting Eyes

✪ [ P e r s o n a l i t y : Akihiko is a low key kind of guy. He doesn't communicate much with people, and when he does it's not very nice. He's often very rude and he has a short temper. He's sorta arrogant and he can sometimes be a total douche bag who doesn't listen to others or care about other people at all. But just because he's a butt head doesn't mean he can't get along with people. He tends to hang out with the much quieter kind of crowd, and with people who actually listen to him every now and then and aren't overly energetic or super chatty people. He likes people that can keep a decent, kind of normal conversation, and people who don't act like they are better than everybody else or really stupid. 

✪ [ b i o : Akihiko grew up in a semi-small community. There were alot of kids in his neighborhood that he could hang around with and get to know better. However he chose not to do that, and usually ended up playing by himself at the park that was nearby. He's spend most of his time building sandcastles and swinging on the swings and etc. He had fun, but he was usually lonely and after a while, it just got really boring for him. One day when he was at the park building another one of his amazing sandcastles, he had seen a girl taking a walk with her mother around the park with their dog. While watching them, the dog had sensed him staring at it and charged at him and pounced on him, licking him as he screamed startled. The girl whom was walking with her mother ran over to him and starting apologizing almost immediately. Akihiko yelled at her, and told her to control her dog better, wiping off the saliva that the dog had left on his cheek, and told her that as an apology she had to help him build a new sand castle since the one he was building over got destroyed because of the dog. She accepted and helped him build his new sandcastle and during that time while building they talked for a bit and became pretty good friends. The girl's name was Minako and since she sorta went with the flow on how he acted and didn't argue with him most of the time they became rather very good friends and would meet up every now and then to hang out and build sandcastles or just hang around the park together. He also went by his cousin's house every now and then with his mother. Akihiko wasn't too fond of his cousin,Xi considering he was sort of a crybaby and stuff, but they got along pretty well too. Akihiko didn't really like spending much time with him though and would only go over to his house if his mother pressured him to go. Later in life, he started going to middle school and became rather anti-social with people since he didn't know anyone and etc. He met a girl named Akane who was in his class, and she was really nice to him, and they became good friends as well. She'd help him with problems that he had, and sometimes she'd help him on homework. He started getting a few more friends here and there after socializing with Akane and some other people. As time went by he met a few other girls in his class. But one of them stood out to him the most. He always had thought that this girl was beautiful, she always seemed really kind and she had lots of friends, which made her seem like she was popular. She always looked her best, and she always wore the same necklace every single day. He didn't know much about her, and never really got to know her name, but overtime he found himself slowly falling in love with her. His friends would always ask him ' oh do you like someone ?' and like always he'd say no. He never thought that he would be brave enough to go up and confess his feelings for her. Especially because she probably thought that he was a total jerk because of the way he acted. One night he stayed up late writing a love letter to her and planned to give it to her the next day. As the next day came along, during the school day, he decided to wait until after school hours to give her the letter. The girl had left the school that day and he had followed her in order to give her the letter. The girl had started to head towards the subway. Akihiko had stopped for a moment, thinking this over, knowing that usually she would have taken the bus home, but maybe something had happened an she decided to take the subway instead, so he continued following her. What he had not known was that the girl had been in depressed state for a while now, and that she was always usually sad, and hated her life, and on that night she had planned to commit suicide by falling off the rail and  into the subway tracks to kill herself. Akihiko followed her into the station and stayed a distance behind her not wanting to feel like a stalker. She stood by the rail and Akihiko slowly started walking up to her, but once he managed to get up to her, a subway came from the tunnel and she started to lean forward and fall onto the tracks. Terrified, he tried grabbed onto her and fell off the tracks with her, the subway crashing into both of them, and killing them. Akihiko had wished that he could have just been able to stop her, just so he could confess his love for her, and at that moment, he received the Contacting Eyes. After what had happened, and he had woken up and he found the necklace that the girl had worn on the table that was next to his bed. The necklace must have fallen off the girl and when he awoke someone must have thought that the necklace belonged to him. The days moved on like any other days, and he started going back to school, and continued acting the same even though he was sad. A few days later he had just now figured out what the contacting power could do, but he had no idea how to keep it under control or how most of it even worked. That's when he found the Mekakushi Dan and started hanging out with them more in order to learn about his new found power. 

✪ [ l i k e s : 
❤ quiet people and places
❤ when people listen to him
❤ pop music
❤ his headphones
❤ leather jackets

✪  [ d i s l i k e s :
✖ loud people and places
✖ being bossed around
✖ people who act or are stupid
✖ people touching his stuff and possessions like his scarf and etc.
✖ people in general //shot

✪ [ a d d i t i o n a l . i n f o. & . r e l a t i o n s h i p s :
° The necklace with the heart on it, is the girl's necklace whom he was in love with
° he doesn't know how to swim
° He has a thing for jackets and likes to collect them

°  Minako : " I don't like her dog. But she's different from her dog, and she listens to me too. She's alright, and she's one of my first friends"
° Xi " He's annoying. I'm not too fond of him, and I'm not exactly sure if I like the fact that I'm related to him too "
°  Akane : " I don't know her all that well to be honest, she doesn't annoy me that bad though, so I guess she's ...alright "
°  Reiko : " She's really odd. She calls me jerk-san, and it gets on my nerves. She seems to have an obsession with ducks too "
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YukiTori1 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
He looks so awesome! I love your art style, it's easily recognizable in a good way :iconrightneplz:

Can't wait to see how the whole group goes <333
PunYun-Chan Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much~!<333
SugoiMiko Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconsokyutplz: He looks.. so.. PERF.
PunYun-Chan Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Hnnnn--sure~! <33 do you wanna RP in comments or notes ? :iconpachuuplz:<3
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is comments okay? I reply faster that way;;;;;
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no- not at all- :iconteyuplz: ))

Reiko: *marching into the street* One two. One two. One two. Hup, hup, hup! *stops in the middle of the street causing some traffic* Hai, hai!! *talking over the screaming drivers* Sorry dude, but there's a ducking crossing over here! Ducks have rights too--- HEY THAT WASN'T VERY NICE TO SAY!! *spreads her legs and puts her hands on her hips, refusing to budge* 
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